Bob 0
Thu Jun 28, 2018 7:08am

He also mentioned one or two things the should interest you ( to borrow a GB&U line) and that was leaving Grimaldi's name as producer off the credits. Was it an honest mistake as Sergio claimed? Grimaldi thinks the fact that his name as producer of GB&U appearing first on GB&U rather than the usual spot just before the director may mean initially it was added after work began on those titles. Alberto was irritated about FAFDM and the quickly added his name to later prints.

  • FAFDM drive inBob 0, Thu Jun 28 7:01am
    Later when it played at the drive inn, presto Alberto Grimaldi's name as producer was suddenly inserted at the beginning of the film and how it was done actually interrupts the flow of the smoke... more
    • Gralmaldi/Leone — Bob 0, Thu Jun 28 7:08am
      • Yep, there are TONS of stories...DCG, Thu Jun 28 9:38am
        ...of infighting and competition during Spaghetti Western filmmaking -- Leone, in particular, stirred the pot constantly. And while it's pretty well documented that Sergio Leone "bent" the Truth on a ... more
        • Lee meeting LeoneBob 0, Thu Jun 28 12:39pm
          I'm rather certain Leone was about out of time after being turned down by Henry Fonda ( Clint confirmed Sergio wanted Fonda in Lee's part) and Charles Bronson and I've read about others offered the... more
          • Well, between...DCG, Thu Jun 28 6:12pm
   time constraints and not having my notes in front of me, I'm not gonna go too deep into this, but: I seem to recall that LVC made reference to some details of meeting Leone, there's Sergio's... more
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