Well, bobO, as is so often the case...
Thu Jun 28, 2018 5:49pm

...when I rely upon my memory instead of double-checking a scene before openin' my big mouth, here's the deal:

My "memory" (which is in quotes because it was *clearly* Fallible in this case at hand) told me that the FF$M title sequence had...

1) Humming (vs the whistling that's actually there)...sounding to my ear like Clint's voice.

2) In the lower-left corner of the screen, an over-the-shoulder shot of Clint, in hat and poncho, aiming his rifle at the long-distance target, vs the (as you put it, and rightly, no doubt) "Generic Bounty Hunter" whom is, in fact, never seen in the actual FF$M titles.

Now, I just don't have the time right now -- hell, my days are so stressfully crammed right now, I don't even have time to write this post! But I'm doin' it as a small Stress-Reliever, you see -- to go scanning thru GBU to find the scene that matches the scene I recall via the two points, above...

(Tho I did, as hinted at the start of this piece, dig up the FF$M title sequence...)
(f you follow the link, note that the person who uploaded it tacked on a coupla "dead" minutes to the end, after the 4 minute titles finish...)

But it's almost certain that I conflated the "Generic Bounty Hunter" of the FF$M titles with the later scenes of Clint in GBU, where he's quite some distance away from the noosed Tuco, taking aim calmly and hummin' away!

Now, I'll bet you're gonna tell me even THOSE sequences that I remember in GBU are wrong, LOL!!!

But I'm fairly certain the description I laid out in the numbered points above do, in fact, come from GBU...

Mea (faulty memory's) culpa, eh? ;)

Best an' all,

  • I have consistently read it is LeoneBob 0, Thu Jun 28 12:31pm
    Plus the scene is a set up for a generic bounty hunter. You could be right but the way the poor man is shot a such a distance, an assassination if you will, doesn't fit the way Clint's character... more
    • Well, bobO, as is so often the case... — DCG, Thu Jun 28 5:49pm
      • Smoke humming whistling etcBob O, Fri Jun 29 9:38am
        Hi DCG. I just watched your link to refresh my memory. Yes he whistles then just before he lights his cigar, he hums. And to the right you see smoke. Then when he fires the rifle more smoke. That... more
        • Just went lookin' the "original" (sans Grimaldi cred) titles to FF$M, and re-acquainted myself with their designer, perhaps the single most influential artist when it comes to title sequences used in ... more
          • DCG. Your opinion on Gramaldi credit.Bob 0, Fri Jun 29 8:06pm
            What do you think was the reason Gramaldi was left off the credits? Was it an oversight or done intentionally? It seems unlikely the darn producer is not likely to be over looked. And for decades the ... more
        • Smoke humming whistling etc 2Bob O, Fri Jun 29 9:43am
          I've read several times and Christopher Fraylin who is not always reliable that it's Leone himself whistling and humming. A film produced by Alberto Gramaldi also is first on the GBU credits which... more
          • I've heard other SW lay scholars...DCG, Fri Jun 29 6:37pm
            ...point out that Sir Christopher Frayling occasionally made errors in his otherwise in-depth SOMETHING TO DO WITH DEATH tome on Leone. (Hell, who's perfect when compiling a 500+ page epic, eh?) For... more
            • Yes in 1967Bob 0, Fri Jun 29 8:25pm
              In 1967 I was so impressed with FAF$F when it played first run I saw it 9 times in week. Eventually I noticed there was no producer in the credits. Later at a Drive-inn showing about 1970, Alberto... more
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