Well, between...
Thu Jun 28, 2018 6:12pm

...my time constraints and not having my notes in front of me, I'm not gonna go too deep into this, but:

I seem to recall that LVC made reference to some details of meeting Leone, there's Sergio's account of course, and I believe I'm thinking of Luciano Vincenzoni as the 3rd one to describe the meet.

But, as I type those words, I'm not sure if Vincenzoni was present or not, and may have been reporting what others told him about the incident...if not, then "the Third Man" (to play on a classic Noir title) handing over the cash to Lee was someone else -- I'm pretty sure the interview I recall reading mentioned that point, specifically (the interview subject being the one who gave LVC the cash-stuffed suitcase), but if it wasn't Luciano V., then it's someone else...

Whatever! ;)

All I was getting at, is that What Really Happened can never truly be known, today, as the details change according to who tells the anecdote.

But yeah, bobO --- that last bit you mention, from Leone's own lips, is quite possibly him embellishin' "reality", again.

In any case, all we can really do is sit back an' enjoy the Stories, eh? ;)


  • Lee meeting LeoneBob 0, Thu Jun 28 12:39pm
    I'm rather certain Leone was about out of time after being turned down by Henry Fonda ( Clint confirmed Sergio wanted Fonda in Lee's part) and Charles Bronson and I've read about others offered the... more
    • Well, between... — DCG, Thu Jun 28 6:12pm
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