Aaron's LVC blog (et al great stuff, here)
Tue Jul 3, 2018 10:18am

Thanks, Cuffs, for the Reminder about Aaron's wonderful LVC blog here on TBn --- for anyone who doesn't know about it, it's one of the button options on the home page:


Aaron updates it weekly, iirc, and he's posted TONS of great references there, over the years. (Not least of which, pictures from his visit to the Filming Sites of FF$M, GBU, etc.)

But there's also a bevy of other buttons on the home page, with equally excellent information, in addition to the aforementioned Web Board & Blog options --- Biography, Filmography, Articles, Galleries, Locations (where Aaron's Film Sites travelog is collected for our convenience) and Multimedia, which itself has 3 sections: Video (some of LVC's commercials), Sound Files (audio captures from Lee's film work) and Wallpaper (3 choices for your computer screen background).

And by the way, you can post Comments and Replies on the Blog, too --- bobO seems to be the only TBn member who regularly posts replies, so it'd be nice to generate some conversation there, too: like I said, Aaron posts some pretty cool material there! ;)

FYI, folks...

  • Oh that smile!Cuffs, Mon Jul 2 1:33pm
    Thank you, Aaron for the wonderful video of Lee on Italian TV. It was fabulous to see him smile so much & what a beautiful smile it is. We are so used to the bad man face, but this shows him in a... more
    • Aaron's LVC blog (et al great stuff, here) — DCG, Tue Jul 3 10:18am
      • Re: Aaron's LVC blog (et al great stuff, here)aaron@thebad.net, Wed Jul 4 7:26am
        Thanks for the shout out, DCG. All of the website content is 10+ years old, unless it links to the blog (articles and locations are constantly updated). I need to transition some of the galleries,... more
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