Re: Aaron's LVC blog (et al great stuff, here)
Wed Jul 4, 2018 7:26am

Thanks for the shout out, DCG.

All of the website content is 10+ years old, unless it links to the blog (articles and locations are constantly updated). I need to transition some of the galleries, and multimedia links to the blog as there is a ton of more material there. One of these days....

If there are any kind of updates or news type items, I do post those to Facebook (and usually cross post to the blog). A new batch of location comparisons began last week. I will be posting one every 2 weeks, which will last us until the end of the year. Locations from Big Gundown, Beyond the Law, Death Rides a Horse, Sabata, El Condor, and more!

Lots of good blog material coming!

  • Thanks, Cuffs, for the Reminder about Aaron's wonderful LVC blog here on TBn --- for anyone who doesn't know about it, it's one of the button options on the home page: http://thebad.net/ Aaron... more
    • Re: Aaron's LVC blog (et al great stuff, here) — aaron@thebad.net, Wed Jul 4 7:26am
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