Welcome, "LeeFan"...! ;)
Tue Jul 10, 2018 3:28pm

Glad you posted, and you'll find we're a very friendly bunch, so please do stick around, eh?

Am I correct in suggesting you're a "Bad Babe", as the gals here call themselves...? (VS a Bad Dude, natch.)

Yes, Lee died from a number of health issues/complications, including throat cancer and heart failure. In addition to recently learning the cancer diagnosis, family have noted Van Cleef saw on the evening news that one of his oldest friends, Jock Mahoney, had died two days, prior. It's been suggested that word of Jock's death was the final blow of a triple-whammy...

Few things are truly "impossible", LeeFan --- but yes, his paintings are not common. Partly, I suspect, because (to be frank) Lee was not what most Art Collectors would call "talented". He did seem to enjoy the process, tho, and sold some of them -- although my research thus far indicates he gave away far more paintings than he sold.

Along with what those who knew him have told me, the extant examples of LVC's painterly output that I have managed to uncover (about a half-dozen), indicate he preferred female nudes and landscapes as subjects. (The FaceBook image you reference combines both, as you know.)


(Anyone curious can click/cut-n-paste the above link to view it.)

And, if you haven't already seen it, Aaron's posted a couple pics of Lee in his studio -- with another example of a female nude he was working on...

Speaking of Lee & Painters, here's a pretty clever melding of a Van Gogh self-portrait, and a photo of LVC.

Wish I tho't of that! ;)

Again, Welcome, LeeFan...


  • Why I was drawn to LeeLeeFan, Tue Jul 10 12:12pm
    First saw "For a Few Dollars More" when I was 18. I'm 70 now. Loved him all these years. Why? I don't rightly know - yes, he's different as an actor, yes, he's sexy as all hell, but there's a strange ... more
    • Welcome, "LeeFan"...! ;) — DCG, Tue Jul 10 3:28pm
      • BadBabeLeeFan, Tue Jul 10 3:56pm
        Thanks, DCG! That's the correct photo of the painting I saw on Facebook. Maybe the critics weren't thrilled, but it's a heck of a lot better than I could do. The death of Jock Mahoney probably was... more
        • Yep, the 'Net/Web has done...DCG, Wed Jul 11 7:35am
          ...wonders for connectin' LVC pals. ;) Too bad Lee didn't live to see it, but I'm sure his spirit is laughing with joy, wherever he may be... Some of his family occasionally pop in, if you didn't... more
          • Never seen the pic...Maggie, Wed Jul 11 1:44pm
            ... and I have to admit it is disappointingly disappointing. Hm. I have seen those in his studio and they looked much better. This one also is very gloomy which makes you (or at least me) wonder... more
            • Well, of course, Maggie...DCG, Wed Jul 11 4:13pm
              ...as you well know, bobO an' I are always happy to "chime in" with our so-called "walking encyclopedia" of LVC knowledge. OK, LeeFan --- with all modesty, both bobO & I have been studying Lee Van... more
            • The GroupLeeFan, Wed Jul 11 3:46pm
              Thanks, Maggie for your welcome. I'm sure this is the right group because you are all so knowledgeable about LVC. As long as I have adored him, I feel I don't know much about Lee Van Cleef, the man,... more
              • Actually, LeeFan...DCG, Wed Jul 11 4:41pm
                ...while Alan was, indeed, the first Van Cleef family member to discover and post on this board (way back when, Aaron...the late 1990s?), both Alan's son Chris and Lee's granddaughter, Kate, have... more
                • The man vs. the actor vs. the roles he playedMaggie, Thu Jul 12 3:44am
                  I do not know whether we will ever be able to really sort that out, it was a time when it was much easier to sidestep limelights and tabloids (unless you were called Burton or Taylor, but with their... more
                  • LVCLeeFan, Fri Jul 13 6:40am
                    It's true that in LVC's time, it was easier to have some privacy and no, we will never know their private lives. I suppose it's none of my business, either, but natural curiosity gets the best of me... more
                    • Thanks for your comments!Maggie, Fri Jul 13 7:13am
                      Oh well, I did not mean to blame anybody for anything, I can also understand that people turn to drink with all the problems you mentioned, and a certain stereotype about having to be a real man and... more
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