Actually, LeeFan...
Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:41pm

...while Alan was, indeed, the first Van Cleef family member to discover and post on this board (way back when, Aaron...the late 1990s?), both Alan's son Chris and Lee's granddaughter, Kate, have joined us from time to time.

But Alan has been the most active of the clan -- I'd say he usually pops in roughly a couple-few times per year.

Well, not even Lee would've "pegged" himself for an acting career, while he was driving tractors an' crunchin' numbers -- it was a total accident, as you've probably read elsewhere by now.

I'm afraid, from my own direct research -- original interviews with Lee's friends, family, co-stars and crew -- I am completely confident in stating that Lee Van Cleef, to be as kind as possible, had a decades-long relationship with alcohol. We'd call it "alcohol abuse", today, but back then heavy, consistent drinking was more "accepted". (Btw, I'm a published journalist, my first pieces were printed almost 4 decades ago, and I'm working toward a book on LVC -- for which I've gotten a shitload of vitriol, as it's taking me so long, LOL...)

Lee's sense of humor? Well, those who knew him said he laughed a lot -- but I know of at least a handful of incidents in which he exhibited a sudden, explosive streak of anger, too. I haven't made an in-depth study of it as it pertains to Lee's life, but it wouldn't surprise me if he had bouts of depression -- as you note, it's common enough among Artistic types, eh?

But back to more light-hearted fare --- it seems Lee's sense of humor was fairly broad and inclusive. And also, people have often shared that his performances onscreen aren't so much "acting" as "Lee just being Lee". In other words, they suggest if you study his films, you'll get a reasonable portrait of the man, himself. For humor, I'd recommend THE STRANGER AND THE GUNFIGHTER (aka BLOOD MONEY), and especially, EL CONDOR -- the latter was one in which he expressed great pride.

Hey, LeeFan --- could you post the link to that "mega-tattoo" you mention? I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd lke to see it, and I have to log off for now, so no time to go Searchin'...

Keep the Q's comin', eh? ;)


  • The GroupLeeFan, Wed Jul 11 3:46pm
    Thanks, Maggie for your welcome. I'm sure this is the right group because you are all so knowledgeable about LVC. As long as I have adored him, I feel I don't know much about Lee Van Cleef, the man,... more
    • Actually, LeeFan... — DCG, Wed Jul 11 4:41pm
      • The man vs. the actor vs. the roles he playedMaggie, Thu Jul 12 3:44am
        I do not know whether we will ever be able to really sort that out, it was a time when it was much easier to sidestep limelights and tabloids (unless you were called Burton or Taylor, but with their... more
        • LVCLeeFan, Fri Jul 13 6:40am
          It's true that in LVC's time, it was easier to have some privacy and no, we will never know their private lives. I suppose it's none of my business, either, but natural curiosity gets the best of me... more
          • Thanks for your comments!Maggie, Fri Jul 13 7:13am
            Oh well, I did not mean to blame anybody for anything, I can also understand that people turn to drink with all the problems you mentioned, and a certain stereotype about having to be a real man and... more
            • Tuco, etc.LVCFAN, Fri Jul 13 8:16am
              I'm so glad you mentioned Tuco! I have always said that Eli Wallach stole that movie and should have had an Academy Award. He was brilliant, funny, awful, and fantastic all in one. All my friends... more
              • Tuco...Maggie, Fri Jul 13 2:43pm
                was the one with the most creative role and license. He really must have had fun shooting the movie. And without him, the movie certainly would have lacked colour. I think my romance started at about ... more
                • FFDMLEEFAN, Fri Jul 13 3:52pm
                  You are so right about athe role of Tuco being the most creative role. And Eli Wallach just seemed to know exadtly what to do with it. And oh, Douglas Mortimer! The Colonel had such an air of... more
                  • Grit and dirt...Maggie, Fri Jul 13 4:31pm
                    ... and desolation rather than heroes in the Civil War - at least in GBU. And you also get the diversity you probably had in the West, remember the Czech guy in Beyond the Law? I think I never saw... more
                    • The wonderLVCFAN, Sat Jul 14 12:34pm
                      of Italian movies! Americans aren't very sophisticated and often, foreign films aren't understood. Other than the Italian Westerns, I'm not a foreign film fan particularly. There seems to be so much... more
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