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Fri Jul 13, 2018 2:43pm

was the one with the most creative role and license. He really must have had fun shooting the movie. And without him, the movie certainly would have lacked colour.

I think my romance started at about the same age, more or less. FFDM is a good place to start, I think most people on the board caught the bug with a Leone Western. I also love FFDM and Douglas Mortimer is such a fascinating character! In that movie I also always enjoy watching Klaus Kinski, especially when Douglas Mortimer lights his match on his back. His reaction really must have been quite scary. He seems to have had a ghastly personality driving everybody up the next readily available wall, but he was a dedicated and brilliant actor.

I have never seen any of the TV shows, living in Europe I had the benefit of being able to watch all the movies, but at least to my knowledge we never got any of the shows on TV. I caught up on the internet now, it is much easier to find things these days anyway, no more reading the spines and jackets of endless numbers of video tapes in all available video rentals. Ahh, the good ol' analogue times!

It sounds as if you had your own tough time with people who had a love affair with the bottle, my experience is not quite as extended or close, but I don't need any more of that either. But of course you are right, I suppose everybody has got his demons and blues now and again in life, but that hardly ever is the whole story.

  • Tuco, etc.LVCFAN, Fri Jul 13 8:16am
    I'm so glad you mentioned Tuco! I have always said that Eli Wallach stole that movie and should have had an Academy Award. He was brilliant, funny, awful, and fantastic all in one. All my friends... more
    • Tuco... — Maggie, Fri Jul 13 2:43pm
      • FFDMLEEFAN, Fri Jul 13 3:52pm
        You are so right about athe role of Tuco being the most creative role. And Eli Wallach just seemed to know exadtly what to do with it. And oh, Douglas Mortimer! The Colonel had such an air of... more
        • Grit and dirt...Maggie, Fri Jul 13 4:31pm
          ... and desolation rather than heroes in the Civil War - at least in GBU. And you also get the diversity you probably had in the West, remember the Czech guy in Beyond the Law? I think I never saw... more
          • The wonderLVCFAN, Sat Jul 14 12:34pm
            of Italian movies! Americans aren't very sophisticated and often, foreign films aren't understood. Other than the Italian Westerns, I'm not a foreign film fan particularly. There seems to be so much... more
            • Walk of FameMaggie, Sat Jul 14 3:01pm
              There have been discussions going on about the Walk of fame, you might be able to find them in the archives of the board. I dimly remember that there was a consensus that dishing out $40.000 is a bit ... more
              • ffdmLEEFAN, Sat Jul 14 5:40pm
                does indeed have some of the best supporting actors. The hotel "couple" are, I believe, brother and sister, because she's madly flirting when he says "You're just dirty", but somehow I got the... more
                • Did you buy the watch?Maggie, Sun Jul 15 12:58am
                  Aaron has got one, it can be seen on some of his pictures taken in Spain. You are right, it is amazing that people still sell (and buy) all these mementos years after the move was made. Oh yes, Mr.... more
                  • FFDM, etc.LVCFAN, Mon Jul 16 5:05am
                    I haven't bought the watch - I was thinking of asking my stepson for it for Christmas. My husband died in 1996, he had three grown sons living in England - they were born and raised there. The... more
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