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French, Translated
Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:15pm

Maggie - Thanks so much for the trnaslation of that article! Anything more I can learn about LVC makes me happy!

  • Voila: Tuesday, December 2nd 20:30 FRANCE 3 (French public TV Station) Return of Sabata A film by Frank Kramer with Lee Van Cleef Lee Van Cleef: It is more difficult to play heavies than romantic... more
    • I'll those THX! ;)DCG, Sat Jul 14 4:57pm
      Did you personally translate that, or was it thru a software program? Reason I ask, is I noticed some incongruities, in terms of syntax (in English)... ;P (Hope you know me well enuff, Maggs, that... more
      • All hand-craftedMaggie, Sun Jul 15 12:51am
        My bad if there are syntax errors, as you know I am not a native speaker of either language. This isn't machine translated, partly because it is a bit map and cannot be fed into machine translation... more
    • French, Translated — LVCFAN, Sat Jul 14 12:15pm
      • TatooLVCFAN, Sun Jul 15 12:27pm
        DCG: I found the photo of the woman's tatoo: This is the link - it's quite a ways down the site, but it's there.... more
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