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The wonder
Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:34pm

of Italian movies! Americans aren't very sophisticated and often, foreign films aren't understood. Other than the Italian Westerns, I'm not a foreign film fan particularly. There seems to be so much angst in them - probably my American ignorance.

I've heard of Luigi Pistilli. In fact, it seems to me that many of the background players in the trilogy appear in more than one movie. I've never seen Fitzcarraldo and for reasons I can't explain, I'm not surprised about the difficulty with Kinski.

In the end, I think Lee, although he fully embraced the Italian experience, was just a good, old American. I have seen on Facebook that there is a group who exist solely to try to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Lee - I was surprised to hear he didn't have one. He certainly deserves it. It was probably some kind of politics within the industry that withheld that honor from him. He achieved his greatest fame in Europe, not here, so I'm sure there were some who felt he didn't deserve the honor here, which is a load of dirt.

It was interesting to me to see a photo of his grave in Forest Lawn Cemetery. A simple stone in a grassy area. I don't know what I expected. Have no idea if his third wife plans to be buried near him, but the grave looks lonely to me. Of course, he's not there. I've never placed a lot of importance on grave sites - the people are not there and they're temporal.

I plan to be cremated and have my ashes scattered at Gettysburg. I'm a Civil War Enthusiast and I think I love Gettysburg more than any other place I've ever been.

  • Grit and dirt...Maggie, Fri Jul 13 4:31pm
    ... and desolation rather than heroes in the Civil War - at least in GBU. And you also get the diversity you probably had in the West, remember the Czech guy in Beyond the Law? I think I never saw... more
    • The wonder — LVCFAN, Sat Jul 14 12:34pm
      • Walk of FameMaggie, Sat Jul 14 3:01pm
        There have been discussions going on about the Walk of fame, you might be able to find them in the archives of the board. I dimly remember that there was a consensus that dishing out $40.000 is a bit ... more
        • ffdmLEEFAN, Sat Jul 14 5:40pm
          does indeed have some of the best supporting actors. The hotel "couple" are, I believe, brother and sister, because she's madly flirting when he says "You're just dirty", but somehow I got the... more
          • Did you buy the watch?Maggie, Sun Jul 15 12:58am
            Aaron has got one, it can be seen on some of his pictures taken in Spain. You are right, it is amazing that people still sell (and buy) all these mementos years after the move was made. Oh yes, Mr.... more
            • FFDM, etc.LVCFAN, Mon Jul 16 5:05am
              I haven't bought the watch - I was thinking of asking my stepson for it for Christmas. My husband died in 1996, he had three grown sons living in England - they were born and raised there. The... more
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