Did you buy the watch?
Sun Jul 15, 2018 12:58am

Aaron has got one, it can be seen on some of his pictures taken in Spain. You are right, it is amazing that people still sell (and buy) all these mementos years after the move was made.

Oh yes, Mr. Martinez! And then there is the lady in the bath - "Excuse me, Ma'am!". There are so many details to smile about in that movie.

Yes, I did translate it myself, Google translate is not to be trusted. Sometimes everything is garbled and sometimes you even get the complete opposite of what is written. And I am German - and European, so don't worry about stepping on my toes!

  • ffdmLEEFAN, Sat Jul 14 5:40pm
    does indeed have some of the best supporting actors. The hotel "couple" are, I believe, brother and sister, because she's madly flirting when he says "You're just dirty", but somehow I got the... more
    • Did you buy the watch? — Maggie, Sun Jul 15 12:58am
      • FFDM, etc.LVCFAN, Mon Jul 16 5:05am
        I haven't bought the watch - I was thinking of asking my stepson for it for Christmas. My husband died in 1996, he had three grown sons living in England - they were born and raised there. The... more
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