FFDM, etc.
Mon Jul 16, 2018 5:05am

I haven't bought the watch - I was thinking of asking my stepson for it for Christmas. My husband died in 1996, he had three grown sons living in England - they were born and raised there. The youngest son wanted to come to the USA - he's a computer person - and so my husband was able to help him obtain his green card and he came to live with us in 1993, planning to get his own place when he found a job. He found a job, but three years later, my husband died. Saul and i get along so well and so we stayed together. He's never found the "girl of his dreams" so we just carry on. And we have two cats. I have no desire to marry again.

Oh, yes, the lady in the bath. I laughed and laughed. Indio's band was certainly an interesting group. Grossly realistic, I suspect.

I've done much of my ancestry and a DNA test and found that I'm mostly German and English., which surprised me. Most of my ancestors came to America in the 1600 and 1700s from Switzerland, Germany and England. So I'm thoroughly American and as I said before, I live in Pennsylvania which is where they all landed when they came here 200+ years ago.

It's wonderful you are multi-lingual. I have no brain for other languages - I've tried, but failed. That's a typically American thing as well, I think. i have actually traveled outside the USA, but it's been over 20 years. My husband had relatives in England and Israel and we traveled there so I could meet them.

I read an article not long ago about the cemetery in Good, Bad & the Ugly - it was made for the movie - the one where Tuco ran in circles, looking for the right grave. I loved Morricone's music while that was going on - it was perfect for the scene. I understand that a group undertook to bring it back into the shape it was in originally and they have done so! And it has much tourist traffic! And this is why we still, 40 years later, love these films. I think they'll go on being popular for generations to come.

  • Did you buy the watch?Maggie, Sun Jul 15 12:58am
    Aaron has got one, it can be seen on some of his pictures taken in Spain. You are right, it is amazing that people still sell (and buy) all these mementos years after the move was made. Oh yes, Mr.... more
    • FFDM, etc. — LVCFAN, Mon Jul 16 5:05am
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