Something that shocked me.
Sat Aug 18, 2018 2:07pm

You should see this on my Tumblr blog and maybe you can give me an explanation if Iím wrong.

Btw, missed you!
Hugs! 💕

    • LVCBob 0, Fri Aug 24 6:51am
      I had a few people to make fun of me for being a LVC fan 60 years ago and years after that. I decided to keep it to myself. Until I found this site and with LVC now much more famous than he was in... more
      • People who don't understandLVC FAN, Tue Sep 25 11:21am
        If anyone makes fun of you for being an LVC fan, ignore them. They will give up after a while and they're just ignorant, non-feeling idividuals anyway. Also, I accidentally unsubscribe - I DID NOT... more
        • You got it, LVC FAN! With bullies...DCG, Tue Sep 25 3:23pm
          ...trolls, and other Abusive A**holes, the best thing to do is Be Strong and IGNORE them! ;) They're self-centered f***wads who are only looking for a REACTION (LOL...literally, as I typed that word, ... more
    • I'm afraid, Ioana...DCG, Sat Aug 18 7:11pm
      ...that your "classmates" have been cruel to you. This is clearly a PhotoShop tweak of LVC's head profile from some film of his -- they/he/she added some blood and the neck wound, then inserted "LVC" ... more
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