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You got it, LVC FAN! With bullies...
Tue Sep 25, 2018 3:23pm

...trolls, and other Abusive A**holes, the best thing to do is Be Strong and IGNORE them! ;)

They're self-centered f***wads who are only looking for a REACTION (LOL...literally, as I typed that word, none other than Donald J. Trump spoke it! I'm listening to the News on the radio, at the moment; you tell *me* if that's just Coincidence, eh?).

Ioana, if you give those bastidz NO "reaction", they may try again (even again and again), but if you just take a breath, RELAX, and *ignore* them, LVC FAN is absolutely Correct:

They *give up* and *go away*...

Patience and Self-Strength will get you thru, m'dear!

Also, most Jerks eventually GET THEIRS in the end... ;)

Best an' all, with hugs from all the way across the globe,

  • People who don't understandLVC FAN, Tue Sep 25 11:21am
    If anyone makes fun of you for being an LVC fan, ignore them. They will give up after a while and they're just ignorant, non-feeling idividuals anyway. Also, I accidentally unsubscribe - I DID NOT... more
    • You got it, LVC FAN! With bullies... — DCG, Tue Sep 25 3:23pm
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