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Looks like Lee just...
Sun Sep 30, 2018 12:33pm

...slammed his fists on the table, hollerin', "Where's the GRUB??!?!?" ;)

That, or some similar exclamation, given Eli & Sergio's laughter, and Clint's focus on Lee's hands with a clear "I need a DRINK..." expression on Clint's face, as he reaches for the half-empty glass of vino.

Thx for the post, bobO! (Between you an' Aaron an' the others here, I won't have any "new" images left for the book...unless a family member changes their mind and grants access to that shoebox in the closet.) ;)

Best an' all,

  • New pic of LeeBob O, Sun Sep 30 8:23am Eli, Sergio, Clint and Lee having lunch in Rome in 1966!
    • Looks like Lee just... — DCG, Sun Sep 30 12:33pm
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