Yeah, that's the "Double Exposure"...
Sat Oct 20, 2018 10:51am

...episode of THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW, bobO (s1e20, OAD: wed.7.feb.62).

One of Lee's performances that, to quote Agent 86, I'd "missed it by *that* much!"

The JBS would show up on this or that (usually Conservative/Religious) Network in the cable package, like RFD or the Trinity Network or CTN. And whenever I moved to a new place, with a different TV line-up, I would note which episode was on at the time, then guesstimate when "Double Exposure" would air (they always showed the series in order), and literally mark my calendar. Again and again, I had either *just* missed DE the week or month prior to moving in, or ended up moving out before DE would finally appear on the schedule!

So, I (we) owe you a huge THANKS, bobO --- 'cause your mentioning of DE/JBS here made me look up the OAD and Series/Ep #, and Schmoogle revealed that since *February* (?!??!??!!), it's been residin' on GooToob!

I'd given up huntin' for it there, many moons ago...an' sure 'nuff, soon's I quit lookin', somebody posts it! "Watched pot" an' all that...

Anyway, all interested parties can view it for themselves at the link provided above. (Altho I understand some of our International pals may not -- sorry!)

Enjoy -- an' thx, again, to bobO!

  • Joey BishopBob 0, Sat Oct 20 6:49am
    Saw Lee on the Joey Bishop Show from 1962. It was surprisingly in color. Lee and Neville Brand play two hoods who kidnapped Joey. Brand by far had the most lines. Lee and Neville worked together... more
    • Yeah, that's the "Double Exposure"... — DCG, Sat Oct 20 10:51am
      • NOTE, be forewarned: unfortunately...DCG, Sat Oct 20 11:43am
        ...the GooToob poster uploaded a glitchy copy of the show. There's both Audio & Video skipping. Still, better'n naught, eh? ;P FYI, DCG.
        • Cable tvBob 0, Sun Oct 21 5:23am
          I caught it about 2 minutes in on one of the cable channels. Darn it I cant think of the name right now. The farm report was on that channel yesterday and I moved on. I'm on it now. Channel 22 on my... more
          • JBS, RFD and other acronymnsDCG, Sun Oct 21 9:35am
            Sure sounds like RFD to me, bobO (Rural Media Group). They had THE LONE RANGER and THE ROY ROGERS SHOW, and some neat-o BlueGrass shows, too! ;) But I see they've spun-off the new COWBOY CHANNEL, so... more
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