Bob 0
Cable tv
Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:23am

I caught it about 2 minutes in on one of the cable channels. Darn it I cant think of the name right now. The farm report was on that channel yesterday and I moved on. I'm on it now. Channel 22 on my package and Raceline, a NASCAR show is on. Also noticed programing from Liberty University, a religious school on it. Anyway I was surprised Joey Bishop was in color. Thanks for the link DCG.

  • NOTE, be forewarned: unfortunately...DCG, Sat Oct 20 11:43am
    ...the GooToob poster uploaded a glitchy copy of the show. There's both Audio & Video skipping. Still, better'n naught, eh? ;P FYI, DCG.
    • Cable tv — Bob 0, Sun Oct 21 5:23am
      • JBS, RFD and other acronymnsDCG, Sun Oct 21 9:35am
        Sure sounds like RFD to me, bobO (Rural Media Group). They had THE LONE RANGER and THE ROY ROGERS SHOW, and some neat-o BlueGrass shows, too! ;) But I see they've spun-off the new COWBOY CHANNEL, so... more
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