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arch stanton
Jose Terron
Sat Nov 3, 2018 6:42pm

    • ConfirmationTom B., Sat Jan 19 8:25pm
      Don't take my word for it. Jose Terron's son, who is on Facebook, confirmed that his father played the role of the spy as pictured here.
    • Josearch stanton, Sun Nov 4 6:59pm
      DCG...Tom Betts verified it is Jose, I knew it.
    • the Confederate SpyDCG, Sun Nov 4 7:47am
      Intriguing, arch --- tempting to think this is José Terrón, as you suggest elsewhere. Would have to do more research... Thanks for the puzzle! DCG.
      • José Terrón as "the Confederate Spy"DCG, Sun Nov 4 8:11am
        arch, while the teeth seem very close, there's one of the best indicators -- the ear (unique to an individual, like finger prints) visible, too. One of the better comparison images I've found is... more
        • Josearch stanton, Sun Nov 4 2:04pm
          I'm sure it's him.If not he must have a twin brother.
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