LVC flix sale @ TCM shop (ship FREE thru 12/02/18)
Fri Nov 30, 2018 1:38pm

Hey, folx ------------------------

Got an email notice that I tho't it might be worth sharin', for those of you missin' some of LVC's less-common DVD's for your collection:

The TCM shop (Turner Classic Movies, in case anyone isn't familiar with it) is having a site-wide Free Shipping offer this weekend -- thru Sunday nite (11:59pm Central Time here in the States -- 12:59am Eastern and 9:59pm Pacific).

Naturally, I suspect -- as with me -- the main interest to most of y'all will be Lee's movies...

So, here's the link to LVC titles currently available, along with the Free Shipping info:
>> to get the Free Shipping...
"Use code SHIPFREE18 at checkout.
"Discount applies to standard shipping only, and not to additional shipping, heavyweight shipping or tax.
"Coupon expires 12/02/18 11:59PM CT. and cannot be combined with any other offer."

Of particular interest are the fairly-recent debuts of "official" DVD releases such as A MAN ALONE (with an Audio Commentary extra, "by Film Historian Toby Roan"), PRINCESS OF THE NILE, THE MASTER (widely available in bootleg for years -- haven't viewed this set, but it's from Kino-Lorber under their Studio Classics line, and everything I've ever seen by KL has been from very high print sources, so I suspect the quality is superior to those pirate copies), and GUNS, GIRLS AND GANGSTERS.

I know bobO is most interested in that final entry, as it stars his girlfriend Mamie Van "Double D" Doren, along with 2 more Mamie flix (GIRL IN BLACK STOCKINGS and VICE RAID) as part of "the Mamie Van Doren Film Noir Collection". Also by KL Studio Classics, as it happens -- and their website notes that the "Blu-ray Extras Include: NEW Interview with star Mamie Van Doren, Theatrical Trailers".

And for those perusing the 5 pages of titles presented on the "Lee Van Cleef" Search Page I linked to above:

YES, there *are* an even-more-than-usually large number of Mis-Credits for LVC, here. All the Usual Suspects (thank goodness nobody's claimed that Lee's in *that* Modern Classic!), plus some new ones I've never seen lumped into the LVC Mistaken Credit pile before...

Oh, well --- c'est la merde, eh? ;)

Best an' all,

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