Extasy of gold: new version
Tue Dec 4, 2018 9:48pm

For those of you who are on facebook and always have been wondering what a theremin sounds like:

I find it absolutely fascinating, enjoy!

Maggie :)

    • more GBU covers!DCG, Sat Dec 8 6:49pm
      Thanks, Maggie! Funny you should post this when you did --- I'd found and collected notes on a couple-few other GBU covers recently, and since you started this new thread, seems like the right time... more
      • Oh, whow!Maggie, Mon Dec 10 1:16pm
        Just whow. I certainly have listened to the Ukulele version before, but most of them are news to me. The Italian postmodern deconstruction (if their name is to be believed) stuff is reallz great,... more
        • Glad you're enjoyin' 'em, Maggs...DCG, Mon Dec 10 7:01pm
          ...and yes, I share your opinion (and apparently the band's) that Deeostruttori Postmodernisti certainly seem to be poking their listeners in the ribs, there...and probably on most if not all of... more
    • ThanksBob o, Sat Dec 8 4:30am
      That is among the best pieces of music ever written. It is taking it's place beside Mozart, Bach and Beethoven with great orchestras around the world. The cemetery has been restored too.
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