Happy New Year
Sun Jan 6, 2019 3:14pm

I've been away for awhile. Just getting over knee surgery. I wish you all a happy & healthy new year.
Also look forward to all the posts & excellent work from Aaron. Just finished "Boardwalk Empire"
DVD collection. I'm thinking how proud Lee would have been of Tim Van Patten's success.
Lee would also have been a perfect match for some of those characters in the series. He was such a brilliant bad guy.

  • Happy New Year to all of you!ioana, Thu Jan 3 1:12pm
    Iím always excited when I write to you here. I know that I am doing this very rarely for a while, but I canít forgot about you. I'm sorry that I write here and yep, sometimes nothing I write about is ... more
    • Happy New Year — Cuffs, Sun Jan 6 3:14pm
    • A snappy happy new year to you!Bob 0, Fri Jan 4 9:22am
      And all LVC fans around the world. Maybe we'll find a new LVC credit this year. And I'll get to see more of LVC's vast TV body of work and finally get to see that hockey movie. The only feature film... more
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