LVC co-star Chelo Alonso, RIP
Wed Feb 20, 2019 12:30pm

(Via Tom Betts, auto-translating obit in Dentro Magazine...)


Only Van Cleef co-starring role (tho no scenes shared) was GBU.


    • Re: LVC co-star Chelo Alonso, RIParch stanton, Thu Feb 21 4:22pm
      Took me years to realize that was her because I had always seen her a sex siren in the sword and sandal movies.She was in the room when he was standing in the doorway.
      • YeahBob O, Sat Feb 23 6:36am
        Yeah they don't share a scene but they are in the "Lee has breakfast with Stevens" sequence. So they were on the set together. Stevens is Father Smith and Wesson in Big Gundown and another scene with ... more
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