Mike Malloy
Van Cleef's GRAND DUEL co-star
Mon May 20, 2019 12:09pm

Hey, guys:

I was lucky enough to work on the supplements of Arrow Video's recent Blu-Ray of THE GRAND DUEL -- and one of my contributions, about Lee's co-star in the film, Marc Mazza -- was okayed to be left online on YouTube.

Here 'tis:


Hope you dig. And feel free to subscribe to my YT channel; I'll try to get more Van Cleef-related content up there, as time allows.

Hope you've all been doing well!


    • MAZZA, starDCG, Mon May 27 12:45pm
      Nice overview, Mike! Got a coupla questions, but think I'll take them off-board. Thanks for ckg in, and keep up the great work, amigo! DCG. (SubLine a minor pun on a 90s-plus band...)
    • Re: Van Cleef's GRAND DUEL co-starMike Malloy, Sun May 26 5:46am
      Ah, good to see we're of the same mind on that MY NAME IS NOBODY scene, Bob. I think we're in the minority, as most people remember that one very fondly! Thanks for watching, and great to hear from... more
    • Marc MazzaBobO, Sat May 25 1:04pm
      Hi Mike, I agree that Mazza part in the Trinity scene was insulting for his career and legacy. Just checked Mazza on the IMDb and he is still alive but hasn't acted in anything since 1991. Wish you... more
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