Mike Malloy
Van Cleef collection and Carradine book
Tue Aug 20, 2019 11:35am

Hey, all --

As I try to stay afloat while waiting on the final steps with my David Carradine book, I'm willing to sell off part of my Lee Van Cleef collection -- a few rare posters, books, and a rare edition of a movie or two. Any interest here before I put it all on eBay?

(As you may or may not know, I was Van Cleef's first published biographer.

And here's a page for my coming Carradine book:

https://www.facebook.com/thelostauteur/ )

    • Re: Van Cleef collection and Carradine bookMike Malloy, Sun Sep 1 5:53pm
      Ah, good to hear back again, Bob! Email me at.... joebriefers@hotmail.com ...and let's stay in touch! I'll make you an amazing deal! Be well, Mike Malloy
      • Stuff! ;)DCG, Mon Sep 2 4:35pm
        Hey, Mike ---------------- "You've Got Mail!" ;) And thanks for Posting, amigo --- hopefully, Aaron's FB-etc efforts will continue this WebBoard among those int'd. ;) As you now know, I used an older ... more
    • Hi Mike.BobO , Thu Aug 22 9:47am
      Just noticed your post. I'm heading out to drive s school bus. I'll get back on here later today. Went to the Facebook link for a look. Noticed David Carradine became friends with Steve Ihnat. I... more
      • Hey, Bob!Mike Malloy, Sun Aug 25 9:27am
        Hey, Bob! Glad to connect with you here again -- probably for the final time, in light of seeing that the Web Board is finally closing down. (Thanks, btw, to Aaron for keeping it going for so long -- ... more
        • MikeBob O, Sun Sep 1 8:12am
          No not on Facebook. I'm asking my daughter who is to help me with that so I can perhaps get a few of your LVC items. Just saw an episode of Trackdown starring Robert Culp I had not seen before with... more
          • Re: MikeMike Malloy, Mon Sep 2 6:35am
            Not sure if you saw my new message above, Bob. Hope we can stay in touch. Drop me a line! Mike Malloy joebriefers@hotmail.com
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