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Alain de Botton's plans to build an atheist temple.
Fri Jan 27, 2012 17:18

Personally, I think this is an admirable idea and I would love to visit such a temple even though I am a religious humanist rather than a secular one. Dawkins does have a point that the money could be spent in other ways, and if Dawkins ever decides to do that himself I'd try to chip in a little bit toward a school, but a temple like this would have been a great resource for my father, who loved churches, and the music and many of the sermons, but felt uncomfortable in them because he didn't believe in God. If it works like most religious temples and churches there would be charitable causes supported by temple activities, and I wonder why Dawkins apparently assumes there wouldn't be. I think there are a lot of people like my father who find beauty and architectural symbolism inspiring, and they deserve a place to gather as a community, with their families. A place like this I think might be attractive to couples like my parents, who were respectively Atheist and Christian. A temple dedicated to positive values shared by both religious and secular people could also help encourage secular and religious humanists to work together on charitable goals, like ending world hunger and poverty.

Guardian article here:

I'm a bit disappointed that his idea has been met with hostility by some atheists and Anglicans there. Goodness, when has a beautiful non-religious building such as a museum caused a person nearing the end of life to have some sort of emotional breakdown? I've never heard of such a case.

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    • Good questionFrashavan, Fri Jan 27 19:51
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        • More likely it's my dislike of grandstandersFrashavan, Sat Jan 28 08:03
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          • BiasMN_Morgan, Mon Jan 30 12:52
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            • I never got the whole "groupthink" thingFrashavan, Wed Feb 1 05:30
              And the more vocal people get in all expressing the same opinion, the more I want to question it. That's just me, I suppose...
              • Standing outsideMN_Morgan, Wed Feb 1 12:00
                It helps to be able to stand back, look at a situation before just becoming a yes man. From basic observation, we see people have a tendency to conform to things they think they want for the sheer... more
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            • Bias is inescapable. Frashavan, Sat Jan 28 09:29
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              • Re: Bias is inescapable. Mirage, Sat Jan 28 10:20
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      • Re: Good questionMirage, Sat Jan 28 00:33
        I remember a thread about atheists not really congregating and we were all trying to figure out why. One of the things mentioned was that atheists don't necessarily share common beliefs really. A... more
        • Excellent post!Baruch, Mon Feb 20 11:09
          Music lifts me too. And secular Jews are an official group, Humanist Judaism, though I find secular ethno-centrism to be a bit sad. Shalom
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