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Here's coverage of the story
Wed Feb 1, 2012 05:21

Apparently it's a public high school -- I don't think the courts would have, or could have, sided with her if it was a parochial school, or private school since no one is forced in any way to support or go to a private school -- It sounds to me as if it is the girl, herself, who is atheist, not the parents. If that is the case, then her parents are pretty open minded and supportive, since they must be getting harassed too.

The prayer reads:

"Our Heavenly Father,

Grant us each day the desire to do our best,
To grow mentally and morally as well as physically,
To be kind and helpful to our classmates and teachers,
To be honest with ourselves as well as with others,
Help us to be good sports and smile when we lose as well as when we win,
Teach us the value of true friendship,
Help us always to conduct ourselves so as to bring credit to Cranston High School West.


Pretty innocuous, greeting card kind of stuff, if it wasn't for the "Heavenly Father" and "Amen" it's not praticularly prayer's not even notably Christian in sentiment. (I do, BTW, see how the opening and ending make it offensive, if you sincerely do not believe in a deity, however.)

I found this bit interesting:

"At least one religious leader says Ahlquist should be able to stand up for what she believes.

"...We are proud to stand with others in Cranston who desire that Jessica and every young person be encouraged to learn to talk about their differences in peace," Rev. Leigh McCaffrey told Providence's NBC 10."

I am betting there are some who would say Rev. McCaffrey isn't "Christian" enough....

This page purports to have screen shots of some of the bile and venom directed against the girl (Those things are, however, way to easy to fake, so I have no idea if they are legit or not.) The local TV station, howvere, confirms she is receiving threatening emails.

  • Re: Just read about this girl in R.I.Mirage, Tue Jan 31 22:55
    My primary school had a school prayer which had been written by the lady who founded the school. It was extremely generic and mild. I don't know what the prayer at that girl's school was like. That's ... more
    • Here's coverage of the story — Frashavan, Wed Feb 1 05:21
      • a few years ago. Could have been bigotry, or could have been fighting over a girl. Teens are now known to not have any stable neural patterns, until early adulthood. Shalom
      • thanksMirage, Wed Feb 1 06:09
        Yes, I am sure that the parents and the Reverend are getting harassed also. I guess I grew up in a different age and when I was an atheist, I sort of expected there might be nativity scenes by city... more
        • Re: thanksFrashavan, Wed Feb 1 14:51
          As I posted in another thread, I am often accused -- wrongly -- of being an atheist. That's not surprising, since I am very skeptical. Actually this forum is the only place I have ever been --... more
          • Re: thanksMirage, Thu Feb 2 00:06
            Yeah, I am uncomfortable when I see those football prayers too. I think the only place our views diverge at all on this is that I don't consider it oppressive, for example, if someone wears a cross... more
            • None of us is immuneFrashavan, Thu Feb 2 14:56
              Though some of us think we are! I have no problem with religious people wearing the symbols of their faith. Crosses, stars of David, Pentacles, Oms. Hijab doesn't bother me at all -- although I do... more
              • Re: None of us is immuneMirage, Fri Feb 3 01:16
                Hijab doesn't bother me at all either, unless the girl or woman is being forced to wear it. I've read some blogs written by Muslim women who feel it frees them from being objectified as much, and it... more
                • "In God We Trust" was first added to money in 1864, to demonize Southerners. Just as the modification to the pledge was to demonize Communists. The Abolitionists may have been right (though avant... more
                • Re: None of us is immuneMN_Morgan, Fri Feb 3 13:00
                  It's interesting to see where NC feels oppressed, but then I've had I don't know how many people lash out at others just for being a transplant, especially children of transplants who didn't ask to... more
                  • Re: None of us is immuneMirage, Fri Feb 3 23:30
                    My parents left there because they too were excluded, they had become strangers in my mother's own state because they were too different from their neighbors. I was taught in school that human beings ... more
                    • Aristotle says we are political animals ...Baruch, Tue Feb 21 18:05
                      our herd behavior is a disfunction from ideal State culture ... both democracy and tyranny being negative (both involve herd behavior) ... but oligarchy and aristocracy being positive ... a kind of... more
                    • Re: None of us is immuneMN_Morgan, Sat Feb 4 11:03
                      The county I live in tends to exclude those that are different more, with definite segregation between the "native born" and the "transplant". A lot of kids that grow up that have different views... more
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