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sai ram
vike: I hate to say it..but
Tue Feb 28, 2012 23:03

Israel has to be at least thinking they need to hit Iran with a nuclear warhead.....anything less would be like slapping a dog with a pork chop......what would this make the whole world upset with them? my belief is they do go nuclear....or do nothing at all.....sai ram

  • Kind of makes all the crocodile tears and rhetoric surrounding the victims pretty much empty and meaningless, doesn't it?
    • vike: The 3 Interfaith Amigossai ram, Thu Mar 1 20:30
      these guys are good!
      • Yes, very good ...Baruch, Thu Mar 1 23:58
        now if they can just transcend the limitations of Abrahamic religion, they will really be somewhere ;-) Shalom
    • would happen for when human tissue if crushed and compressed and atomized,as in reality what happened for some, no identifiable traces would be found in the mass of rubble and clean-up rubble for... more
      • The tears here were certainly real. People were so traumatized that a lot of communities set up hotlines people could call to get referrals to support groups and local psychologists if they needed... more
    • vike: I hate to say it..but — sai ram, Tue Feb 28 23:03
      • It has been inevitable, not justifiable ...Baruch, Wed Feb 29 06:40
        the only way for some Jews to equal the score for HaShoah, is to kill 6 million innocent Gentiles ... if Israel is the Fourth Reich, then things are equalized. But then the claiming of special... more
        • Nonsensesai ram, Wed Feb 29 07:01
          "But then the claiming of special victimhood status has to stop ... as it must"..................nonsense....most of the world loves a good victim it will go on...and on....because the... more
          • Israel/Judaism isn't innocent ...Baruch, Wed Feb 29 07:08
            nobody is innocent (in that sense Original Sin is correct), all deserve death, someday, not salvation from death. You can't have life without death, so salvation is nothing more than ordering a meal... more
        • Have you heard the Elaine Pagels has writtenFrashavan, Wed Feb 29 06:46
          ... a new book on Revelation? IT seems pretty good, from the reviews...I will have to look for it.
          • No, but interesting book review ;-)Baruch, Wed Feb 29 07:01
            Pagels is less objective than Armstrong ... Pagels is crypto-Catholic if not Catholic. Armstrong is post-Anglican. While some of the things the book review claims she says, are old hat, I find some... more
            • A book best forgotten, IMHOFrashavan, Wed Feb 29 07:06
              I agree much of this isn't new, but it's not bad to get it out there. Of course the Fundies won't read it, but some of the less frothing-at-the-mouth type Christians will, and that could be a good... more
              • means that all people everywhere, try to make it self-fulfilling, I can't just blame human stupidity, I have to think G-d is malicious, in spite of Einstein's opinion. Shalom
                • ...than the stupidity of the individual. (Remember Babel) Everything is Knowledge mixed with Ignorance. Everyone finds a little self fulfillment in everything. We are given a choice to choose the... more
                  • but I beware of using that as an excuse to not use our own smarts. Christianity and Islam, are much more anti-intellectual than Judaism, and when I hear that concept, I think more of them than myself ... more
                    • Yes, never an excuse.MN_Morgan, Thu Mar 1 12:20
                      After all, if we were given this brain, we're expected to use the thing! Those that attack intellectualism are grasping and holding tightly, enjoying their position and control a bit too much. I just ... more
              • No no ...Baruch, Wed Feb 29 07:11
                anyone can comment ... I wish Jews (NT) and Muslims (both) would comment more, and deconstruct the Hell out of it. The only way we can get any objectivity, is to listen to our critics, not our fans.... more
          • No, but interesting book review ;-)Baruch, Wed Feb 29 07:00
            Pagels is less objective than Armstrong ... Pagels is crypto-Catholic if not Catholic. Armstrong is post-Anglican. While some of the things the book review claims she says, are old hat, I find some... more
      • PossiblyFrashavan, Wed Feb 29 05:36
        Behind the scenes I am sure that the USA is trying to encourage Israel to do just that, and arguing that it is Israel's interest to do so. Israel is prbably more reluctant than they appear, because... more
        • Re: PossiblyMirage, Wed Feb 29 08:25
          I don't think they will do it, and I hope to God I am right.
          • I hope so too....Frashavan, Wed Feb 29 08:30
            I would be very happy to be wrong.
            • Re: I hope so too....Mirage, Wed Feb 29 09:14
              There have been plenty of times I have strongly disagreed with Israel. However, I have ever considered them stupid over there. They'd have to be stupid and to assume they are stupid I think would be... more
              • AgreeFrashavan, Wed Feb 29 17:15
                I'm sure they can make a rational assessment and will make a good decision. At least I hope so. But I do think they are under pressure to make an attack...
                • Re: AgreeMirage, Wed Feb 29 19:36
                  Don't honestly think we are pressuring them, and Obama seems to be pressuring them not to do it, at least not yet. I realize there are always public statements and the real deal is not public, but I... more
                  • Perhaps all smoke and mirrors ...Baruch, Wed Feb 29 20:27
                    In the paper HaAretz in Israel yesterday, they reported that Mossad and Israeli Special Forces have already eliminated the Iranian nuclear equipment months ago (during those mysterious Iranian... more
                    • Re: Perhaps all smoke and mirrors ...Mirage, Thu Mar 1 01:26
                      Maybe but several of the newspapers have listed 4-5 specific targets they would want to hit. I'm guessing if those targets had already been hit Google map fans would have posted this all over the... more
                • That is old 20th century thinking ...Baruch, Wed Feb 29 18:36
                  What if nation X does Y? Are we prepared to win? What if nation A combines with nation B to attack us? Can we handle two fronts? And the other guy is doing the same damn thing. This is why WW I and... more
                  • Hitler believed ....Frashavan, Wed Feb 29 19:08
                    ... that he would have had a better chance of winning if he has attacked in 1938, instead of 1939. He was irate that Munich prevented the war he wanted, when he wanted it. I think his technical... more
                    • but Hitler himself being such a liability, not just for micromanagement, but because of excessive confidence and anti-civilian policies in occupied countries (not just HaShoah) ... totally undermined ... more
              • Re: I hope so too....Mirage, Wed Feb 29 10:50
                "ever" should be haven't ever of course. This is what happens when I write without sleep. I think they are probably very aware how other nations are likely or unlikely to respond. I think any help... more
        • Megadeath is megabad ...Baruch, Wed Feb 29 06:46
          the Iranians are not quite innocent, but are mostly so, provided they only enrich, but don't build. If the Iranians aren't cynical, but really want the Shia Mahdi ... then they are as crazy as the... more
          • The problem with sociopaths...Frashavan, Wed Feb 29 06:51
            ... is that they are outwardly charming and very good manipulators; pretty much prerequisites for politicians! Having created a profession that is perfectly suited to sociopaths, can we be surprised... more
            • Wash, rinse, repeatMN_Morgan, Wed Feb 29 11:03
              Usually the public is too late in noticing this trend too, so we're not getting these chuckleheads out of office till they're screaming "The blood, Mother! The blood!"
            • Athens was wrong, Sparta was right ...Baruch, Wed Feb 29 07:15
              but then as a kshatria, I would think so ;-) Shalom
    • competently done? I think that may be a rhetorical question, because it really is a statement. Highly embarasing. But they have had to admit that parts of the returning dead soldiers over the last 10 ... more
      • I do feel their painFrashavan, Tue Feb 28 21:43
        No one should be tormented like that. There was an article in one of the big magazines back in the Fall about the "Children of 9-11", the kids who were not born when their fathers died. I keep... more
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