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vike: Vietnam Veteran's Day
Sat Mar 31, 2012 03:46

About time. You guys did not get the welcome home you deserved.

May you be blessed in this Holy Week ahead.

  • Your ESHwolf, Sat Mar 31 00:38
    If you share your experience, strength and hope you'll find less flack. These folks are pretty sharp and cannot be led.....share your experience (which can not be disputed) and some will follow. I... more
    • you are correct Sir!....sai ram, Thu Apr 5 22:52
      everything else is someone else's experience.....if your life has changed for the better because of something...its far more revelant than an idea or thought written in a book saying it would change... more
    • thanksachristian1985, Mon Apr 2 10:45
      Maybe at some point I will feel led to share some particular unmistakable (statistically speaking) personal experiences related to being born again and to the Lord's hidden arranging. But until then, ... more
    • vike: Vietnam Veteran's Day — Mirage, Sat Mar 31 03:46
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