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sai ram
vike: Well well
Mon May 14, 2012 15:25

perhaps there is something to Nibiru after does a planet in our solar system hide?.....I always got caught in hide and go seek....standing behind the first tree I went too........sai ram

  • AfghanistanFrashavan, Sun May 13 22:39
    Well worth a read:
    • vike: Well well — sai ram, Mon May 14 15:25
    • Going to war and staying at warclarym29, Mon May 14 09:12
      are corporate driven activities. War = profit--it's that simple.
      • I am increasingly of the opinion...Frashavan, Mon May 14 10:35
        ...that the nation-state is obsolescent. We are living through the birth -pangs of the corporation-state. I doubt war will be profitable in the same way it has for the last couple of hundred years in ... more
        • That pointclarym29, Mon May 14 11:47
          was really driven home as I was watching a 60 Min. report on one of the major oil companies policies and how they cannot be controlled by any one govt. Basically, they are a govt. unto themselves.
          • Multinational corporations ...Baruch, Mon May 14 13:14
            even President Jefferson warned us about those, though in his day they were the British West Indies Company and the British East Indies Company. Shalom
        • Nosai ram, Mon May 14 10:38
          War will will make it so.....reminds me of the Cheech and Chong movie "Up in Smoke" to lies our future.....sai ram
      • you have war as the only contributor to GDP ... worked for the Huns and the Mongols. The US is becoming Hunnish. Shalom
    • I agree with some commenters ...Baruch, Mon May 14 01:03
      you have to be a particular breed to be good at war ... and citizen professional soldiers who enlist to avoid unemployment, might not be the right population. You have to create highly disciplined... more
      • Despite the euphoria of Spring 2011...Frashavan, Mon May 14 07:52
        ...I assumed that things would end up badly, and pretty much status quo. In my heart, I am afraid that Bakunin and his indirect disciple Lenin were correct -- undisciplined masses do not make lasting ... more
    • And more thoughs about warFrashavan, Sun May 13 22:44
      • I don't share this optimism ...Baruch, Mon May 14 01:08
        things aren't drawing down in Afghanistan, and things are escalating in Syria and Iran. It is also true that the Americans have entered a unique nihilist fugue since 9/11, and that the Elite have... more
      • And, before you ask, Baruch....Frashavan, Sun May 13 22:47, I have not become a pacifist. I don't know if war -- real war, not the stuff of fiction and romanticized nostalgia -- was ever noble. I rather doubt it. I do think, however, that it is... more
        • but they aren't close to me, haven't shared much with us, except "close calls". Nobody from our unit hurt yet, at least in ways that can be seen. As a student of history, it is hard except in... more
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