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In Star Trek: The Final Frontier ...
Tue May 9, 2017 13:06

Spock's brother is seeking G-d. This brother is able to heal people in psychic ways. Kirk refuses his offer of healing .. Kirk days that it is our defects that make us individuals, including the scar tissue from our struggles. Perfection would be monotonous uniformity. A white cow in a snow storm. I don't care for the gold refining metaphor. For me, human character is sin, all the way down. If G-d wanted to avoid sin, then not creating humans would have been an obvious choice. There is no gold standard of human character. I can never be comforted by such a G-d ... even though the description of the City of G-d in Revelations is basically a sold gold Borg ship.


  • Re: Unfortunately ...wolf, Tue May 9 08:39
    Our lives are spent in the crucible of the heat brings the dross to the top God is able to remove it (our character defects or sins).. I don't think we ever become pure but forgiven for not ... more
    • In Star Trek: The Final Frontier ... — Baruch, Tue May 9 13:06
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