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Watering good seed ...
Tue May 23, 2017 06:25

Progress in beginning Hebrew class. We got thru the Hebrew alphabet last night. We are taking a leisurely pace. I use Hebrish (English using Hebrew letters) as a teaching tool. In another month, they will be reading Hebrew phonetically. With each lesson I add Hebrew vocabulary and grammar, very gently. When they are reading Hebrew phonetically soon, they will also be able to recognize some words and grammar usage as well.

The advanced students weren't available in May, so we will restart that in June. In the advanced class, we will get to alligator wrestle with verbs ... and their first Hebrew composition. It is too easy to read Hebrew on one line, and transliteration immediately below.

  • Planting good seed ...Baruch, Tue May 16 20:16
    is always good, at least statistically. An individual seed might not make it, but a lot of seed will. So don't just be good, be good frequently. Shalom
    • Watering good seed ... — Baruch, Tue May 23 06:25
      • Your students?wolf, Tue May 23 08:27
        Are your students Jewish or other? I think it funny that the TV sitcom Steinfeld made the word Yada popular when the actual meaning, I think? Means to know (in a sexual way) this correct? Yada... more
        • Jewish students ...Baruch, Wed May 24 05:49
          depends on your definition, as we are a Messianic congregation. My personal theology is incarnationalist ... which is disallowed by the rabbis and imams. In their theology, G-d is "wholly other" as... more
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