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Jewish students ...
Wed May 24, 2017 05:49

depends on your definition, as we are a Messianic congregation. My personal theology is incarnationalist ... which is disallowed by the rabbis and imams. In their theology, G-d is "wholly other" as "holy other". But even so, none of us are labeled as Christians, because we reject the Constantinian Church ... and its rebellious offshoots ... because we regard the Tanakh as the basis ... not the NT (we aren't Pauline).

But then one theologian has referred to Jesus as a "marginal Jew".

"yada" is Biblical Hebrew for "he knows". And yes, "to know" in Genesis means sexual knowing ... but really intimate knowing. To know someone or something (and not mere acquainted) you have to know a person or subject intimately, even if non-sexual. I am able to teach Hebrew, because before teaching, I have gained an intimate knowledge of the subject. But a subject is like a person, like a woman ... you can be intimate with them, but you can't ever fully know them (it).


  • Your students?wolf, Tue May 23 08:27
    Are your students Jewish or other? I think it funny that the TV sitcom Steinfeld made the word Yada popular when the actual meaning, I think? Means to know (in a sexual way) this correct? Yada... more
    • Jewish students ... — Baruch, Wed May 24 05:49
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