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Happy to chat ...
Sat Jun 10, 2017 19:50

It is as lonely here as a Maytag repairman commercial ;-) As per a recent debate against Hawking and Tyson, philosophical concepts are passe and not cool.

Scientists speculate, in addition to doing real science. Existence per se is a philosophy term, and scientists claim they are no longer "natural philosophers" but the guardians of objective reality (scientism actually). Tyson and Sagan before him, are good examples of this attitude.

Unfortunately, existence is a term from metaphysics, and the more metaphysical you think/write ... the more unclear the generalizations/abstractions get. So the ultimate concept (existence or something like it) will be pretty hard to nail down, so wide open for interpretation.

My personal philosophy/religion is humanistic and anthropomorphic, not reductionistic and materialist. In materialism aka physics ... existence is pretty much space/time/matter/energy ... which in most places and times, is the constantly boiling and uncertain vacuum of deep space, out of which exist more stable patterns (elementary particles). What this might mean is unknown (but scientists love to be know it alls) ... so we get all the academically approved speculation of string theory etc. But it is a ever receding definition, not unlike the claim that a god needs to be created by a god needs to be ...

  • What is existence?Marius Dejess, Sat Jun 10 16:58
    Dear guys here, I have been seeking to find out what scientists have to say about existence, and my impression is that they are rather silent on that question. Do you have also that impression? You... more
    • Questions vs answers ...Baruch, Sun Jun 18 15:45
      The question is more important than the answer. As we mature, we don't get better answers, we get better questions. Here is a better question ... Not "what is being" but "what is becoming"
    • All we really need to know....wolf, Sat Jun 17 09:13
      can be found in the first pages of the Bible. "In the beginning God"...all other existence comes after. The Scientist will eventually come around to understanding this, but it may take more time.... more
    • Happy to chat ... — Baruch, Sat Jun 10 19:50
      • Solving linear matrix equations is ... a floating point exercise, hence actually analog computing. A four q-bit system, if... more
      • Current experimental physics ...Baruch, Sun Jun 11 12:55 Well, doesn't directly address what "existence" is ... but short lived particles, even shorter lived resonances, and... more
      • Here is a link to the 2012 controversy ...Baruch, Sun Jun 11 07:23 This controversy went on for a couple of years afterward, with people like Tyson and... more
        • Re: Here is a link to the 2012 controversy ...Marius Dejess, Mon Jun 12 03:30
          Marius Dejess What is existence? Sat Jun 10, 2017 16:58 Dear guys here, I have been seeking to find out what scientists have to say about existence, and my impression is that they are... more
          • Glad to be chatty ...Baruch, Mon Jun 12 06:57
            Been debunking Thales and Pythagoras, with Heraclitus and Xenophanes since 500 BCE (feels like). I will match your two dead Greek geeks and raise you ... I will take Archimedes over any other Greek... more
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