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Re: When you reach the age of reason, will you reject supernatur
Sun Jun 11, 2017 22:42

Martin Luther made some mistakes, in addition to escaping Catholic dogma.

Definitely seeking moral action ... in the human plane. Even if that is unreasonable ;-)


  • When you reach the age of reason, will you reject supernatural religion? Or will you seek a moral religion to replace the immoral one you now follow, if you happen to be Christian or Muslim? Or will... more
    • Re: When you reach the age of reason, will you reject supernatur — Baruch, Sun Jun 11 22:42
      • Hi Buddy. You wrote in a way that indicates that Martin Luther made a mistake in escaping Catholic dogma. Is it your grammar or something else? Regards DL
        • You are right ...Baruch, Mon Jun 12 23:49
          I nearly slipped into a comma ;-) He escaped Catholic dogma. And he made some mistakes (not related). He is hard to be neutral on, because his later Lutheranism was almost as bad as his prior... more
          • Re: You are right ...ipirate2, Tue Jun 13 09:06
            I try to be right at least once a year. I agree that the split was more like splitting hairs. It almost looks like Martin Luther made a political play for power. While I have you on the line old... more
            • Some info ...Baruch, Tue Jun 13 12:58
              I think what Martin Luther was really up to, has been covered up. I think he planned a religious revolution, an End Times (when Jews would all convert to his version of Christianity) and he was the... more
              • Re: Some info ...ipirate2, Tue Jun 13 14:49
                You misunderstood. I was asking where in the Torah is the reference to ye are Gods and children of the most high. I can find it easily enough in the bible but want to see the words the Torah uses. As ... more
                • Re: Some info ...Baruch, Tue Jun 13 18:50
         And the Hebrew for that Psalm quote:... more
                  • Re: Some info ...ipirate2, Wed Jun 14 10:10
                    Thanks for this. The Torah is the Jewish law. It seems that there is no actual Jewish document that shows the Jewish law as stated when Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, You ... more
                    • Jesus regarding divinity and legalityBaruch, Wed Jun 14 18:27
                      esus in John 10:24 was quoting the psalms in Greek, the Septuagint version (in this case, to the Hellenistic rabbis, not the Palestinian rabbis). And Jesus as son of G-d, is The Rabbi, not them, not... more
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