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Glad to be chatty ...
Mon Jun 12, 2017 06:57

Been debunking Thales and Pythagoras, with Heraclitus and Xenophanes since 500 BCE (feels like). I will match your two dead Greek geeks and raise you ... I will take Archimedes over any other Greek thinker.

No blog of my own, but you can post here anytime. Enjoy these select videos.

Glad you enjoyed my links (which fairly discuss things, not one-sided ... my name isn't Mobius ... and I won't strip). At what level of interest are you, regarding the narrow mindedness of today's Scholasticism?

Really, some folks would just die for SciFi to be real ... even volunteer for a one way trip to Mars ;-(

  • Re: Here is a link to the 2012 controversy ...Marius Dejess, Mon Jun 12 03:30
    Marius Dejess What is existence? Sat Jun 10, 2017 16:58 Dear guys here, I have been seeking to find out what scientists have to say about existence, and my impression is that they are... more
    • Glad to be chatty ... — Baruch, Mon Jun 12 06:57
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