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I think you are overworking the labels ...
Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:38

A Karaite not only rejects oral Torah, and the rabbis ... they embrace individual responsibility for interpretation (this is the point I think you would like).

Karaites are not opposed to Psalms, or stuck on the 5 books of Moses. David is generally considered a prophet, not just a king, by most Jews. In a way, the Karaites are a variant on the Samaritans, who are the most Mosaic of all Jews ... except Samaritans maintain the original Passover, and are limited to walking distance of Mt Gerezim in Israel.

  • Re: Jesus regarding divinity and legalityipirate2, Thu Jun 15 07:57
    What comes to mind after reading what you put. I do not mean you I mean the ancients. O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive "I happen to agree with this Jesus quote, and... more
    • I think you are overworking the labels ... — Baruch, Thu Jun 15 12:38
      • Re: I think you are overworking the labels ...ipirate2, Thu Jun 15 16:13
        You might be right, and yes, I like to hear of people that interpret things in the way they want or see things their way. That is the Gnostic Christian way to some extent. We tend not to reject... more
        • Three books ...Baruch, Thu Jun 15 20:19
          The Didache, the Gospel of Thomas, and the Gospel of Mary are illustrative of the true state of affairs. The bias of Paul, the anti-semitism of the Gentiles, and the control of Rome ... pretty much... more
          • Re: Three books ...ipirate2, Thu Jun 15 20:42
            I cannot speak of The Didache as I do not know all of it. What I do know is that I have problems with some of the self-deprecation it asks of us. That should not surprise you as you know I am a... more
            • Is Gnosticism equal to egotism?Baruch, Sat Jun 17 09:46
              To be in a congregation (synagogue) involves compromising my principles ... I am a unique individual, and so I only express what is compatible from my own POV. There is considerable overlap, so this... more
              • Re: Is Gnosticism equal to egotism?ipirate2, Sat Jun 17 10:23
                Is Gnosticism equal to egotism? That would depend on who is doing the judging. I would say no unless you think the same of Jesus. I like to think it is more like us stepping up to what Jesus... more
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