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Re: Three books ...
Thu Jun 15, 2017 20:42

I cannot speak of The Didache as I do not know all of it. What I do know is that I have problems with some of the self-deprecation it asks of us. That should not surprise you as you know I am a Gnostic Christian.

But I can speak to how I see the Gospel of Thomas, and the Gospel of Mary.

I see them as promoting equality of all people and a heavy use of the Golden Rule. Equality was the last thing that the religious and political forces wanted and that likely contributed to the decimation we faced at Christian hands the moment they gained political power.

Equality of opportunity, not of outcome that is.


  • Three books ...Baruch, Thu Jun 15 20:19
    The Didache, the Gospel of Thomas, and the Gospel of Mary are illustrative of the true state of affairs. The bias of Paul, the anti-semitism of the Gentiles, and the control of Rome ... pretty much... more
    • Re: Three books ... — ipirate2, Thu Jun 15 20:42
      • Is Gnosticism equal to egotism?Baruch, Sat Jun 17 09:46
        To be in a congregation (synagogue) involves compromising my principles ... I am a unique individual, and so I only express what is compatible from my own POV. There is considerable overlap, so this... more
        • Re: Is Gnosticism equal to egotism?ipirate2, Sat Jun 17 10:23
          Is Gnosticism equal to egotism? That would depend on who is doing the judging. I would say no unless you think the same of Jesus. I like to think it is more like us stepping up to what Jesus... more
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