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thank you
Fri Feb 9, 2018 08:40

We are all called to do something.....I think one of the greatest gifts of the Holy Spirit are the gifts of "Helps". Those that are called to help in any way they can. I have gone to church with several people over the years who had this gift and were always there when needed. Many maintained the building and grounds just because they were called to help.

I hope and pray you are feeling well. You most certainly live in the buckle of the Bible Belt....Broken Arrow and Tulsa the Spiritual capital of the universe.

I miss the times when we had amature and all the anti-Christians that posted here. I very seldom use the name asshole anymore...I miss getting to stand up for what I believe....many were actual assholes.....some from shithole countries.....even though amature a loving Christian was from Ghana I think. He was correct in using love as the answer for every problem or idea. I wonder if he is still alive?

  • Good leadership ...Baruch, Fri Feb 9 06:42
    Consists in knowing what is right, knowing what is wrong ... and doing only what is right, and doing it both in private and in public. People who are called, will follow that. But not all people are... more
    • thank you — wolf, Fri Feb 9 08:40
      • We can hope ...Baruch, Sat Feb 10 07:35
        It is harder in my experience, to have more hope as I get older. My health is stable, and my work is stable. I will retire in a year, or a little more. Yes, I hope all our old regulars are doing... more
        • glad you are doing wellwolf, Sat Feb 10 09:02
          The music for the psalm was very beautiful, thanks for sharing. My wife and I are reading the Psalms at the present time...we are in the middle of 119 where all the verses speak of the Word, Law,... more
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