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We can hope ...
Sat Feb 10, 2018 07:35

It is harder in my experience, to have more hope as I get older. My health is stable, and my work is stable. I will retire in a year, or a little more.

Yes, I hope all our old regulars are doing well. And you and I know, that doing well, may imply that they have moved on ... in a big way. My mother moved on, in a big way last year. She was the last of her kind, in my life.

Yes, I am grateful for all the helpers in my life. It is important to volunteer, not just respond when asked.

I got back into regular synagogue services, when my mother was in her final decline. Her being in nursing home facilitated that, in a way that my giving her home care blocked it. I simply couldn't be very far away while she was alone at home, and even going to work was taking a terrible risk.

So we are studying Psalm 1 in the original, and have added Psalm 23. Those are songs you know ...

We are attempting to sing them, with nigun (spontaneous improv).

  • thank youwolf, Fri Feb 9 08:40
    We are all called to do something.....I think one of the greatest gifts of the Holy Spirit are the gifts of "Helps". Those that are called to help in any way they can. I have gone to church with... more
    • We can hope ... — Baruch, Sat Feb 10 07:35
      • glad you are doing wellwolf, Sat Feb 10 09:02
        The music for the psalm was very beautiful, thanks for sharing. My wife and I are reading the Psalms at the present time...we are in the middle of 119 where all the verses speak of the Word, Law,... more
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