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New Covenant Taken?
Thu Aug 16, 2018 22:36

Is there any religious group who believes the New Covenant was taken from us, and we're now ruled over by the rules and laws God originally gave us? I've found loads of Progressive Christian groups meaning they have an idea that we have a whole new set of laws and regulations no one's ever heard of because of advances in modern science, but I can't seem to find one that believes God just rules over us by the Old Testament. I've read several self help books, but nothing compared to the Book of Proverbs, so I'm just sitting here confused and even a little amazed.

I look at Buddha and Enlightenment along with the timeline and say that could be what it means to be born again, or maybe that's what happened with Muhammad and why he started Islam? Plus Jesus said something rather interesting in Matthew 5:17-20... I'm just trying to find my religious fam, but it's looking like it really doesn't exist unfortunately.

    • Both groups exist/existed. Modern Messianic Jews date from about 1965 (Matthew 5:17-20 is not interpreted as replacement theology). Judaizing Christians existed from the 2nd century CE (G of Matthew... more
      • Wow, impressive answer. I feel like it's a common theory that something is going on in our world, but no one can place their finger on it, but I could be wrong. It could just be the news now showing... more
        • It isn't easy putting things in context ...Baruch, Thu Aug 30 06:29
          Jewish people in Judea weren't on a different planet from their neighbors. And the trade network reached from Britain to India and even China. Emperor Ashoka in India, sent Buddhist missionaries to... more
          • Only a millennial needs it in contextjdfietsam, Sun Sep 2 05:50
            I should probably research eastern religions more. wait really is tough being religious in this world, because our society is almost completely opposite of what the Bible says is right, but I just... more
            • Ishmael vs Isaac ...Baruch, Sun Sep 2 09:22
              Well in the Arab telling, it was Ishmael who was nearly sacrificed, not Isaac ;-) And in some tellings, Isaac died and was very quickly resurrected by G-d. And in Kabbala there is "gilgul" aka... more
              • Re: Ishmael vs Isaac ...jdfietsam, Sun Sep 2 13:03
                Ok so I feel it that Arabs and Jews both have two different histories, but there's one thing that will the Islam religion, and it's the Book of Isaiah... Islam and Christianity are both prophesied as ... more
                • That way you aren't fooled the the translator's bias. Yes, the Jewish POV is that Christianity and... more
                  • I don't know, I didn't feel that it were too judgmental. I loved the Old Testament. That's where I found my best understanding of God. I felt that when I read the Quran, I turned into a very... more
                  • About me ...Baruch, Thu Sep 6 19:50
                    I love languages and histories. I teach Hebrew to adults. Shalom
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