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Only a millennial needs it in context
Sun Sep 2, 2018 05:50

I should probably research eastern religions more. wait really is tough being religious in this world, because our society is almost completely opposite of what the Bible says is right, but I just try not to look at it. I try not to say anything, and I keep my mouth shut about my religious beliefs. You gotta be willing to stand alone though.

One day they'll figure it out. When you look at the rules of the Bible, and you look at some groups that may not agree, you can sometimes see consequences that come as a standard across the board for those actions. I don't know if that makes any sense, but it does to me. I've read the Old Testament and a good bit of the New Testament, and it's fascinating. Jesus is too. He's funny, because he never claimed to be God, yet all these disciples started saying it. Then everyone says he was perfect, but he really wasn't. He was in trouble, so God laid down the hammer and rained on his parade so hard.

It's just amusing too, because then you have hidden in the middle of the Book of Isaiah a good number of chapters not saying many good things about Christianity. You have the Muslims also. They're a little worrisome, because their Quran talks about the United States in vague terms. It speaks specifics on Christianity and Judaism though stating that God has a special place in Hell for them. Now you have them talking prophecies too, so they be like "For Allah, Firekite!." And it's like Muslims and Jews are not meant to get along. Straight up, it's the Ishmaelites vs the Israelites. Ishmael was sent off, because they weren't nice to Isaac. They're prophesied pretty early on Isaiah, and I'm not going to lie, I was impressed by the accuracy.

  • It isn't easy putting things in context ...Baruch, Thu Aug 30 06:29
    Jewish people in Judea weren't on a different planet from their neighbors. And the trade network reached from Britain to India and even China. Emperor Ashoka in India, sent Buddhist missionaries to... more
    • Only a millennial needs it in context — jdfietsam, Sun Sep 2 05:50
      • Ishmael vs Isaac ...Baruch, Sun Sep 2 09:22
        Well in the Arab telling, it was Ishmael who was nearly sacrificed, not Isaac ;-) And in some tellings, Isaac died and was very quickly resurrected by G-d. And in Kabbala there is "gilgul" aka... more
        • Re: Ishmael vs Isaac ...jdfietsam, Sun Sep 2 13:03
          Ok so I feel it that Arabs and Jews both have two different histories, but there's one thing that will the Islam religion, and it's the Book of Isaiah... Islam and Christianity are both prophesied as ... more
          • That way you aren't fooled the the translator's bias. Yes, the Jewish POV is that Christianity and... more
            • I don't know, I didn't feel that it were too judgmental. I loved the Old Testament. That's where I found my best understanding of God. I felt that when I read the Quran, I turned into a very... more
              • Isaiah ...Baruch, Sun Sep 9 09:00
                Isaiah is probably two books combined, by different authors. The earlier and the latter. There is a lot there (Ch 53) that rabbis wish wasn't there. Most Jewish people don't read the scriptures, they ... more
            • About me ...Baruch, Thu Sep 6 19:50
              I love languages and histories. I teach Hebrew to adults. Shalom
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