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Ishmael vs Isaac ...
Sun Sep 2, 2018 09:22

Well in the Arab telling, it was Ishmael who was nearly sacrificed, not Isaac ;-) And in some tellings, Isaac died and was very quickly resurrected by G-d. And in Kabbala there is "gilgul" aka reincarnation that applies to Jesus' speaking of John as the Elijah returned. The whole angelology and demonology that was common back then, not the sanitized early Christianity of the church, synagogue, mosque. Sandalphon is John and Metatron is Jesus ... both enfleshed nephelim. And never forget the evidence for "the wife of god" as actually practiced in Israel/Judah, before the Babylonian Exile.

Accurate? Well the predictions had been around a long time, and people seem to want to self-fulfill these predictions. Man action, not G-d acting.


  • Only a millennial needs it in contextjdfietsam, Sun Sep 2 05:50
    I should probably research eastern religions more. wait really is tough being religious in this world, because our society is almost completely opposite of what the Bible says is right, but I just... more
    • Ishmael vs Isaac ... — Baruch, Sun Sep 2 09:22
      • Re: Ishmael vs Isaac ...jdfietsam, Sun Sep 2 13:03
        Ok so I feel it that Arabs and Jews both have two different histories, but there's one thing that will the Islam religion, and it's the Book of Isaiah... Islam and Christianity are both prophesied as ... more
        • That way you aren't fooled the the translator's bias. Yes, the Jewish POV is that Christianity and... more
          • I don't know, I didn't feel that it were too judgmental. I loved the Old Testament. That's where I found my best understanding of God. I felt that when I read the Quran, I turned into a very... more
            • Isaiah ...Baruch, Sun Sep 9 09:00
              Isaiah is probably two books combined, by different authors. The earlier and the latter. There is a lot there (Ch 53) that rabbis wish wasn't there. Most Jewish people don't read the scriptures, they ... more
          • About me ...Baruch, Thu Sep 6 19:50
            I love languages and histories. I teach Hebrew to adults. Shalom
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