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Art Hansen and Dr. Zagon>
Wed Jul 1, 2009 10:46

I think Art Hansen did a good job finding the meat in Mary's somewhat difficult and sometimes confusing interview with Dr. Zigon on June 23rd. Here is what Art Posted on another Site:

Summary of Dr Zagon’s Blog Radio Interview with Mary Bradley June 23, 2009
Posted by Art Hansen June 29, 2009

"Low Dose Naltrexone works by blocking the endorphin receptors which exist on the surface of cells for a few hours. This causes the body to respond by producing more endorphins in an attempt to remedy the unavailability of the endorphin receptors, and also stimulates more endorphin receptors to be produced which increases the capacity for the system to produce endorphins. It would seem that one of the issues LDN addresses is low endorphin receptor numbers which will lead directly to low endorphin levels in the body, so LDN first deals with this issue.

The endorphins make us feel better and happier and also perform the vital function of stimulating the immune system and the repair cells in the body, increasing their populations, However, all of this process is dependant on available nutrients to make the endorphins and the new cells, and for people of chronic low nutrition diet, this could be an issue – needs research.

LDN can be taken at any time, but the 6 hours or so after taking it are uncomfortable for most, so Dr Zagon recommends taking it at night. However if you cannot sleep because of the endorphin blockade, then take it at another time. There is no circadian rhythm reason to take it at night.

Once the blockade is ended, the endorphins can now do their work until the next dose. The more time they have to work the better, but in the early days, we take LDN every 24 hours, allowing say 5 to 6 hours blockade and consequently 18 to 19 hours benefit time. However, when you take LDN for a long time, some Naltrexone will accumulate in the system and this can become troublesome, even stop the LDN working well. It seems a blockade of over about 6 hours stops the LDN working and can even make it work in the opposite direction. This can be remedied by skipping a day – even two in extreme cases but no more than that! – which will help reduce the accumulated level of Naltrexone. Much research needed here and Naltrexone residual level monitoring equipment would help too.

However, it is important that the dose is at an effective level, and that means between a lowest of 2mg and up to 4.5mg per dose. Some do take more and less, but they are exceptions and I’m not sure less than 2mg is effective anyhow.
The condition of the liver and it’s level of loading from other things will affect the rate at which Naltrexone is metabolised and removed from the system. I believe my leg circulation issues cause me to retain Naltrexone too, and it is important to get it into the body quickly too. Remember, we want it all but removed in under 6 hours if it is going to work for us. So the liver is important, and severe liver damage may prevent the LDN effect from working. However, having a liver disease doesn’t rule out LDN if your liver still works! In fact, it may well help the liver.

The most important endorphin that LDN stimulates currently appears to be Met-5-enkephalin or Opioid Growth Factor, followed by Beta Endorphin. OGF is being used currently to treat cancer with huge effect. It attaches to the zeta receptor of tumour cells and slows their growth. It also inhibits blood vessel growth in tumours, effectively starving them of blood supply. This activity allows the immune system to kill the cancer cells faster than they can grow, and if that fails, we can add chemotherapy agents to help the process. OGF is also the endorphin that most helps with the autoimmune diseases and it can be taken separately to LDN, ideally in addition to it. It modulates the immune system, acts as an antioxidant, modulates inflammatory responses and much more.

In short, endorphins control all the system that keep us alive from day to day. As we age, the endorphins get reduced in many people and we start to manifest diseases that have been waiting for their chance such as MS and Cancer and others. LDN and OGF offer us the chance to put these systems back in order with the one catch, we need to keep taking them once we need them.

Imagine that the rate the bugs are trying to eat you has to be less than the rate these systems can fix you in order to be healthy. LDN turbo boosts your systems and OGF introduces one of the endorphins directly. I hope this explains a little about how to take LDN and why it does what it does."

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