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Marilyn Bachmann
Bacteria linked to cancer
Thu Oct 13, 2016 14:42

    • Re: Bacteria linked to cancer Marilyn Bachmann, Thu Oct 13 14:46
      I am still waiting for final results from a sample that I submitted on Tuesday, preliminary results indicate an infection, but I did not know what level, or what bug… However, if things are clear, I... more
      • Re: Bacteria linked to cancer Marilyn Bachmann, Thu Oct 13 16:34
        sI still have: Report Status Final Organism 1 1) PSEUDOMONAS AERUGINOSA 10-100 M CFU/L I was hoping that 22 tablets with knock this out of existence, but it seems to be hanging around…
        • Re: Bacteria linked to cancer Marilyn Bachmann, Fri Oct 14 16:32
          http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-10-14/as-deadly-superbugs-rise-big-pharma-presses-farm-antibiotics . I sent in another sample today, results next week… I cannot see this happening, the... more
        • Frusteration Judy, Fri Oct 14 10:49
          Am so frustrated with bacteria. My husband has 3 staph type infections from a simple procedure at the hospital. I have an MRSA as well from an operation (they put a staph infected mesh in my... more
          • Re: Frusteration Marilyn Bachmann, Fri Oct 14 16:39
            I am afraid will see this happening a lot, and yes, the doctors do not have any Plan B… It is just antibiotics, and they are not working in my case. I sent you an e-mail.
            • Keith Scott Mumby JoyceF, Sat Oct 15 11:46
              Wrote an interesting book "How to survive in a world without antibiotics" Here he is on Facebook. I read the book and it was quite interesting.
              • Re: Keith Scott Mumby Marilyn Bachmann, Sat Oct 15 22:57
                Good Video… Never heard of white tea extract or phages, the latter being rather hard to access… When he describes how rapidly bacteria multiply, I got chills. I find pumping oxygen through my CPAP... more
              • Link JoyceF, Sat Oct 15 12:27
                Sorry...I didn't include the link and it is youtube, not Facebook. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bSpHLS7ukg
            • my doctor Judy, Fri Oct 14 20:08
              She told me it is rare that antibiotics don`t work on an MRSA. Asked her to check my file it is on record antibiotics are not working on me.Am getting concerned because the staph stayed isolated on... more
              • Homey cured my MRSA sore. Jeanie :)
                • Jeanie am curious Judy, Sat Oct 15 17:32
                  If you don`t mind me asking how you acquired your MRSA? And does yours periodically come back?
                • Hi Jeanie Judy, Sat Oct 15 17:30
                  Thank you! Have been so busy putting honey with raw garlic, or honey with ACV and eating/drinking the combos...should have thought to put it on the sores duh.
            • Re: Frusteration Marilyn Bachmann, Fri Oct 14 16:42
              I am just praying that these acetic acid tablets of 35% can control kidney//urinary tract infections. This is knowledge we're all going to be needing to figure out. I don't know how LDN does with... more
              • Re: Frusteration Judy, Fri Oct 14 21:05
                Have you tried golden seal. It is supposed to stop bacteria from multiplying. Downside is it can`t be taken long term . If taken for 5 days have to stop for 5 days. This sugar plus antibiotic is... more
                • antibacterial Judy, Sat Oct 15 09:32
                  Liquid Ionic Zinc – Like colloidal silver, liquid zinc is both anti-bacterial and anti-viral, but without the potential toxicity issues found with silver. Zinc is found in all body fluids, including... more
                  • Re: antibacterial Marilyn Bachmann, Sat Oct 15 22:45
                    if this is it, it's cheap enough… http://ca.iherb.com/product-reviews/Eidon-Mineral-Supplements-Ionic-Minerals-Zinc-18-oz-533-ml/26001/?p=1
                  • list of antibacterials Judy, Sat Oct 15 09:45
                    https://transitionnow.wordpress.com/2012/01/24/natural-antibiotics/ Have taken myrrh ,but harsh on the kidneys,garlic ,onion, ACV,colloidal silver,golden seal,chaga,oregano oil. Am trying to figure... more
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