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colloidal silver
Sat Oct 15, 2016 11:44

Colloidal form is apparently the only kind that is antibacterial because it doesn`t attach to chloride.

    • Re: colloidal silver Marilyn Bachmann, Sat Oct 15 22:53
      as I understand it,, there are various of silver but they all work by delivering silver ions… http://www.silversafety.org/education.html I am wondering whether nebulizing silver could help you with... more
      • Not sure Marilyn Judy, Sun Oct 16 18:16
        but definitely worth a try.I have had 3 operations The second one they were supposed to remove all clips and the mesh as advised by the infectious disease doctor. Nope. Had a third operation and... more
        • Re: Not sure Marilyn Marilyn Bachmann, Sun Oct 16 22:21
          Dr. Lyn says that when you nebulize, and breathe into the lungs, things are distributed to every cell in the body… And when breathing into the nasal passages, you can reach the brain…I have always... more
      • Re: colloidal silver johanne F, Sun Oct 16 09:11
        I just check if you can mebulez colloidal silver. yes, you can. http://thesilveredge.com/nebulize-colloidal-silver.shtml#.WAN7KfkrJ1s there are many sites that confirm this
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