Histamine, LDN, CCSVI & Lyme Dx MS Therapies

Michael Eisenberg
Tue Apr 18, 2017 21:08

Saw a neurologist today first time in many years. He recommended a new drug just approve last month called Ocrevus. First time I've considered taking anything other than LDN .

I think I'll try it if insurance will cover it.


    • Ocrevus Michael Eisenberg, Thu Jun 29 00:38
      I had my 2nd infusion today. Now it's every 6 months.
    • Ocrevus Michael Eisenberg, Thu Jun 29 00:36
      I had my 2nd infusion today, now it's every 6 months
    • Re: Ocrevus JoyceF, Fri Apr 21 16:05
      This is actually not new at all. In fact, it is the new patentable drug to replace Rituximab that lost it's patent just recently. I really am not that fond of jumping on the bandwagon for new drugs... more
      • Ocrevus Michael Eisenberg, Sat Apr 29 16:11
        Ocrevus is only a twice a year infusion
    • Re: Ocrevus Johanne F, Wed Apr 19 14:37
      I just came back from a symposium on the latest studies and research for ms. Ocrevus(ocrelizumab) is for primary progressive ms and has a 24% decrease of symptoms. They also confirmed that exercise... more
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