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Re: Ocrevus
Fri Apr 21, 2017 16:05

This is actually not new at all. In fact, it is the new patentable drug to replace Rituximab that lost it's patent just recently.
I really am not that fond of jumping on the bandwagon for new drugs these days as they are usually just a tweaked version of an already good drug once the patent for that drug is over.
I will actually be taking about 5 bi-monthly infusions of Rituximab as a follow up to the HSCT transplant that I had done in Mexico last March. We were all instructed to have these additional infusions to complete the process. I was told about this new drug Ocrevus and looked into it. It sounds good on the surface but I really do not think it's better than Rituximab. Rituximab was doing very well in the trials and they did not continue with that once the patent was running out....a real shame.
Unfortunately some insurance companies will not cover the Rituximab as it is not an MS drug but used for RA and other auto immune things. I had to go through the whole process of having my insurance (Aetna) deny it and deny the appeal before I went to the drug manufacturer, Genentech and their Access to Care Foundation to get a supply for free. I was granted a years worth. Will be starting it very soon, maybe next week.
Good luck with your use of the Ocrevus. Keep us posted.

  • Ocrevus Michael Eisenberg, Tue Apr 18 21:08
    Saw a neurologist today first time in many years. He recommended a new drug just approve last month called Ocrevus. First time I've considered taking anything other than LDN . I think I'll try it if... more
    • Ocrevus Michael Eisenberg, Thu Jun 29 00:38
      I had my 2nd infusion today. Now it's every 6 months.
    • Ocrevus Michael Eisenberg, Thu Jun 29 00:36
      I had my 2nd infusion today, now it's every 6 months
    • Re: Ocrevus JoyceF, Fri Apr 21 16:05
      • Ocrevus Michael Eisenberg, Sat Apr 29 16:11
        Ocrevus is only a twice a year infusion
    • Re: Ocrevus Johanne F, Wed Apr 19 14:37
      I just came back from a symposium on the latest studies and research for ms. Ocrevus(ocrelizumab) is for primary progressive ms and has a 24% decrease of symptoms. They also confirmed that exercise... more
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