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T cell therapy…
Tue Apr 25, 2017 19:15

Hmmm..., I think I'll pass. 3 out of 100 aren't very good odds. ;-) LOL

  • T cell therapy… Marilyn Bachmann, Tue Apr 25 13:46
    The new study involved patients with progressive MS, where the disease steadily worsens without periods of recovery. Most had the "secondary" progressive form -- which means they initially had... more
    • Encouraging.... JoyceF, Fri Apr 28 12:08
      This is interesting to read. I am currently undergoing 5 bi-monthly infusions of Rituximab which is actually the same thing as the "new" Ocrevus talked about here. The Rituximab was doing very well... more
    • T cell therapy… anon, Tue Apr 25 19:15
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