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  • Re: Microchhip the disabled (what could go wrong) Marilyn Bachmann, Sun Apr 23 14:21
    http://www.superconsciousness.com/topics/science/why-consciousness-not-brain .
    • What Will Go Wrong… Marilyn Bachmann, Wed Apr 26 13:52
      • re: go wrong rex kramer, Thu Apr 27 20:45
        How would I know now if my memory isn't being screwed with?  My life is pretty boring.  Maybe all the interesting parts are getting erased. 
        • re: go wrong Marilyn Bachmann, Wed May 3 16:26
          We Don't Know… http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/delete-thoughts-read-your-mind-without-your-knowledge-neurotechnology-new-human-rights-laws-a7701661.html Just learned that when you take a... more
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