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Marilyn Bachmann
Meditation Success…
Wed Apr 26, 2017 16:54

I went for years to a house in Calgary, Alberta to go to a meditation room and join others in a type of transcendental meditation. I could never get there, studying/focusing on a Mandela, repeating vibrations, etc. Then one night at least 20 years ago, I got very, very stoned (investigate micro-dosing LSD for higher consciousness, not something I would recommend), and I met "the one who watches". This is how many meditation books describe the ultimate goal of meditation, to meet the eternal within…

I recently read a 116-year-old interview with Nikola Tesla, and it blew me away.It inspired me to try meditating again.

I close my eyes, and I picture a column of light, deep black on either side.I try to stay very still, focus on the light, then I ask the light to grow stronger, and to let me feel its intensity as it can become the light of the world, it is that strong… I communicate with the light telepathically (whoo-whoo?), But I ignore the doubts and simply continue. And I eventually get into this almost timeless state, because time certainly flashes by. When I used to try to meditate before, I kept looking at my watch, finding it tedious. Nicole Tesla said everything in the universe is simply different manifestations of light. I don't know, but this is interesting and peaceful…


Last night during meditation, I asked the "one who watches" inside if they had a name… This was the answer… I like the meaning…

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        http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/05/01/robotic-brain-surgeon-will-see-now-drill-can-perform-complex/ We will all get microchips so much faster!
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          Paradoxical Reaction? http://ibankcoin.com/zeropointnow/2017/04/29/bill-nye-the-sjw-agenda-peddling-guys-netflix-show-driving-liberals-to-conservatism/ Tesla… Said black holes are the energy... more
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